Our products can be seen in several well-known buildings where there are high architectural ambitions, regardless of whether it is about offices, commercial premises, public environments or private homes. Some examples below.

Bank Hotel

Invitrea Bath shower screens

The bank hotel is located in central Stockholm – a cosy boutique hotel with its fine old tradition and history.  We had the honour of delivering Invitrea shower screens for all of the 115 rooms and suites.

Each model was customised to fit to the millimetre in Bank hotel’s unique bathrooms.

Hotel At Six

Invitrea Bath shower screens and Invitrea Room glass doors Elegant

Hotel at six in Stockholm is characterised by modern luxury with a twist. We have delivered Invitrea shower screens and glass doors to the hotel’s 343 rooms. The shower screens and doors are specially designed to fit in perfectly in the bathrooms.

Norra Tornen

Invitrea Railing

One of the world’s highly regarded architect offices, OMA, on behalf of Oscar properties, has designed Norra Tornen in Stockholm. The 330 apartments have a 360° panorama view over Stockholm and are furnished with top quality materials.

We are very proud to be a part of this large project. Our infinity glass railing Skyline enhances the views over Stockholm. The solid and austere design of the glass railing makes the building more spectacular.

Selma Spa

Invitrea Railing

Sweden’s first spa is located in Sunne — Selma Spa. The spa facility is beautifully surrounded by magnificent nature and the Fryken river. The surroundings can be best highlighted with the glass railing skyline by Invitrea. The infinity railing provides an unobstructed view and also provides protection from sound and wind.