About Us

GSAB manufactures and supplies architectural glass solutions to
the glass industry, the construction industry and actors within
the real estate development industry.

About GSAB

With architectural glass solutions as our primary focus, we strive toward solving your challenges through design, innovation and sustainability. We manufacture and supply glass walls, shower screens, railings and other related products to the glass industry, construction industry and players within the real estate development industry.

We aim to create great designs with few components and in this way reduce material consumption. The design has been developed to provide products with a long service life.

For six decades, our customers have made the highest demands on quality. This has given us a unique insight into the glass’s potential, which has further contributed to the constant development of products and ranges. GSAB’s operations include the brand Invitrea, where we create our own products within the categories Room, Railing, Bath, Exterior and Interior.


We take a lot of pride in creating innovative solutions for companies operating in the following areas:

  • Real estate development industry
  • Glaziers
  • Retailers and wholesalers

Core values

We have three core values that define us as a company, our strategy development process and our work methods.

Scandinavian design: Design and aesthetics lie at the heart of our brand. High functional standard with a technical design – to facilitate assembly.

We like to use new types of materials and find new solutions to get even better results, increase efficiency throughout the value chain and minimise our climate footprint.

Through our products and production methods, we want to actively contribute to our society’s rapid transition to circular economy.


Long service life
We always strive toward creating stylish and timeless designs suitable for several settings and styles. We apply high quality standards to our product manufacturing which provides stable solutions with a long service life and generous warranty periods.

Quick assembly with the perfect final result
We have set high standards for form and function. At the same time, we want the end result to be perfect. Our craftsmen’s requirements for quality and ease of installation are always a priority in our design work.

Customised solutions
While our standard products go well with most designs, some products require unique solutions. We can provide project-specific designs if required.

We regularly monitor our business operations and the materials used in our products to ensure that these conform to our high-quality standards, and to minimise environmental impact.